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Create a new promotional download link

To view or create a new promotional download link select Free Downloads under the Releases sub menu.

Gallery Vision allows you to provide free downloads to your fans in exchange for following you on X (formerly Twitter), Soundcloud, YouTube or Spotify, or for signing up to one of your mailing lists. It is possible to offer multiple tracks for download in exchange for different actions, as well as monitor the success of your campaign.

To view or create a new promotional download link select Free Downloads under the Releases sub menu.

free download gallery vision

NOTE: Facebook page 'likes' is not offered as an option as it is against the Facebook terms and conditions to encourage likes in exchange for performing an action. You can however promote and share your free download links on Facebook or even integrate the free downloads page as a tab on to your facebook page (this is outside the scope of this help document - please refer to Facebook's own documentation if you wish to implement this).

Create Download

At first this screen might look a little blank if you haven't created any free download links yet.

You can add a new track for download by clicking on the Create new download button in the left column - a new form will open in which to select the track and any additional options, as shown below:

create-free-download - gallery vision

To select a track, first find the release by entering the catalog number or title in the Search Release box and selecting it from the displayed options. This will populate the Select Track dropdown from which you can chose the specific track you wish to offer for download.

You can set a date range within which the download will be available, it is possible to set up tracks for future downloads if you wish to rotate those that are available.

You can select from 5 Download Options, a user is required to either:

  • Follow a X (formerly Twitter)
  • Follow a Soundcloud Page
  • Follow a Spotify artist page
  • Subscribe to a YouTube channel
  • Sign up to a mailing list. 

You must select 'Yes' to at least one of these options. Selecting multiple options will allow the user to pick which they prefer, they only need to complete one action to get the download.

Share the Link

All tracks currently available for download are displayed on a single page, you can view this page clicking on the Share Link button which will open it in a new browser window. You can simply cut and paste the link from your browser's address bar to post on your Twitter or Facebook etc. or include it in newsletters or your own website.

If you have multiple tracks available at a time you can get a link to an individual track by clicking on the release cover image for that track. If a user selects the Twitter or Soundcloud options the free track will download via their browser after following the page, for the mailing list option the user will receive a one time download link via email after they confirm their address and opt in to the mailing list.

Style Settings

The style of the downloads page can be modified to match the theme or your facebook or web page by clicking the Edit Settings button.

free-download-settings - gallery vision

This will open a new form from which you can edit the background color of the page and add a background image if you wish. Background images should be uploaded in jpg format. The image will be stretched to fit the user's screen size so it is advised to upload an image of a reasonable size and bear in mind that images which contain text may become hidden or distorted at some sizes.

Stats / Editing

You can view how many downloads each track has had over time as well as which option was selected to obtain the download from the displayed graph. It is possible to change the date range as well as filter the graph to display a single track or all available tracks using the Track and Date From/To filters in the blue title bar.

You can edit options of an existing track download by clicking on the track in the table under the graph. You can delete a track by clicking the trash can icon to the right of the row. Note that this does not remove previous download stats for the track from the 'All Tracks' view of the graph, but simply removes the download option for users.