How can I deliver separate versions of a release to Download vs Streaming stores (eg. Extended vs Radio Mixes)?

To do split Streaming/Download versions:

Release A will contain the "Extended Mix" and be delivered only to download stores. 

Release B will contain the "Radio Edit" and be delivered only to streaming stores. 

  • Create your release as normal and save as a draft (Release A)
  • Use "Copy Release" at release level to create a duplicate version (Release B), with a new Cat No./UPC but retaining other metadata. 
  • If you already added your tracks to Release A, remove them on Release B and replace them with your alternate versions. Or if not add them as normal. 
  • Enter the mix names as needed in the "Mix Name" field (don't include this in the track title, and don't use brackets as the system adds those for you).
  • Once all is complete select Save & Make final on Release A and when taken to the deliveries page, untick "Streaming Stores" and ensure only "Download Stores" are ticked. And vice versa for Release B. 

Note that any version of a track that differs at all, even just in length (ie Extended vs Radio Edit), should have a unique ISRC, so ensure new codes are generated or leave blank for the system to generate for you.