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How do I remove a release from stores?

Deliveries / Updates / Takedowns

Store Delivery

Once you have completed all release and track data entry and uploaded audio to your release, you will be ready to deliver your release to retailers. Where you are ready to do so click the Save & Make Final button at the bottom of the Release Details page

DELIVERY LEAD TIMES: The majority of DSPs require a minimum lead time of two weeks. This means you should set your release date at least two weeks after the date you will be delivering your release via Gallery Vision. Please Note - this is a minimum lead time, as such we advise to leave 3-4 weeks where possible, as this will allow for any potential metadata issues to be relayed back to you for correction.

SPOTIFY LEAD TIMES: Spotify require that inserts are fully delivered at least 5 business days before the earliest release date specified in the metadata and that updates and takedowns are fully delivered at least 2 business days before expected live date.

You will be redirected to the Send to Stores page - where you can select which services you wish to deliver this particular release to - you can select / unselect all stores of one type using the checkboxes at the top. By default all available stores will be selected.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.33.31 AM

If a release has already been delivered to some stores these retailers will be greyed out and cannot be selected - if you wish to redeliver the release to these retailers (to update audio, artwork or metadata) you must use the Update functionality detailed below.

Once you are happy with your selected retailers click the Send to Stores button at the bottom of the screen. If you decide you aren't ready to deliver the release simply click the Cancel button instead - do not use your browsers 'back' button on this page as it can cause issues if you have just set the release to final and try to go back and edit things this way, make sure to click Cancel and then click back in to the release to make any changes.

PENDING DELIVERIES / MANUAL QC CHECKS: Note that once you have clicked Send to Stores – you may notice that that status under the Deliveries tab stays as ‘Pending’ for some time. This is normal, and may mean that your release has been held back for manual QC checks – this can take between 1-3 working days. There is no need to contact us if this happens, your release will be automatically approved for delivery once it has been checked, or if there is an issue we will contact you informing you of any corrections that need to be made prior to delivery.

Delivery Status

You can view the delivery status of a particular release by clicking in to view the release, and selecting the Deliveries tab - note this tab is only visible when a release is set to final.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.36.33 AM

Total figures for the number of retailers the release has been sent to are shown at the top, with a full list of retailers and their current status shown below. The date / time listed is for the most recent delivery, if more than one has been made to a particular retailer.

Note that to avoid overloading store FTP's Gallery Vision uses a queuing system so it is not uncommon for releases to be in Sending / Pending status for a while after delivery - we have a number of systems in place to auto detect any delivery issues so please rest assured your release will be delivered, just check back a little later!

Some stores (such as Beatport) only allow one update per product in any 24 hour period - as such you may find some stores remain in pending for up to 24 hours if you make multiple updates within a short space of time.

If you wish to deliver the release to any retailers who weren't part of the original delivery, you can do so by clicking the 'Send to Stores' button on the left hand side of the Deliveries tab. Not that any stores which have already been sent to (or taken down from) will be greyed out. In order to redeliver to those stores you will need to do an update instead (see below).

Updating Stores

If you need to update a release after it has already been delivered to a retailer, for example to update artwork, audio files or metadata - you can send an automated update request via Gallery Vision.

To perform an update first click in to view / edit the release you wish to update and then click the 'Edit Release' button found under the Release tab on the left of the screen, note this will only be shown if the release is already set to Final. Clicking the 'Edit release' button will revert the release back to draft mode so that you may make the required changes.

Note: Some fields such as UPC, EAN and Catalog Number cannot be changed when updating a release, it is also not possible to add or remove tracks, although individual track details may be edited e.g. to correct a misspelt title or replace a corrupt audio file.

If you need to replace an audio file on a release, click the ... icon next to the track to open the options menu, and select 'Delete Track' - and then select 'Just Remove Audio' from the popup that appears.

Once you have made all the required changes click the 'Save & Make Final' button again, and you will be taken to the Update Stores screen. Stores which you have previously sent the release to (and accept updates) will be automatically selected, and all others greyed out. Click the 'Update Stores' button to send the updated release details to the selected retailers.


If you need to remove a release from sale from one of more retailers you can do so by clicking the 'Take Down' button on the left hand side of the Deliveries tab from within the edit release page.

This will take you to another list of retailers, this time any selected will have the release removed from them upon clicking the Take Down button at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you just wish to remove the release from sale for certain territories, you should instead do this as an Update as detailed above, and change the Territory Restrictions of the release and then redeliver to the required retailers.

Note: Once a release has been taken down it is usually not possible to deliver the same release again under the same catalog number / UPC - be 100% sure you wish to fully remove a release from a retailer before issuing a takedown request.