My release/track ended up on the wrong artist profile/s, how can I fix it?

For Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple you can enter the correct profile URLs for each of your artists, remixers and featured artists in the artist section of your system to ensure all their tracks are delivered to the correct profiles. 

Or if it is their first release on a platform you can also select “Request New Profile” to ensure a new one is created. 

If a release/track has ended up on an incorrect profile for these stores and was not already assigned correctly in their artist section, then you can resolve this via your system by simply adding the correct profile/selection in their artist section, reverting the release to “Edit” and then back to “Save & Make Final” to send an update to stores and correct the placement. 

If you have tried this and it is still incorrect, or you need artist’s reassigned for any stores other than Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple, then please reach out to our support team.